Build Your Own DMX Controller

For Stage Lighting And Other Effects

Most powerful and user-friendly stage lighting interface on the market!


- DMX automation linked to YouTube.com videos - Add custom stage lighting, backing audio, video, and other effects to your live performance all at once using Stage Monster Live's "Monster Mode" interface, and all from your DIY DMX controller!

- Up to 1000 presets, all stored in the cloud

- Simple and intuitive interface

- Control from anywhere using any web-enabled device

- Easy-to-build controller using simple and inexpensive parts

- No soldering and barely any coding required

“I have been hosting live music for over 20 years [and] have always had stage lighting of some kind… Without a doubt, Stage Monster Live improves any live performance, especially in a live music setting. Not only does it make the performance more exciting, but it's also easy to operate.”

-Jimmy Green (Owner of The Vous, St. Joseph, MO)

What is Stage Monster Live?

Stage Monster Live is a revolutionary web-based platform for control of stage lighting and effects. Instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a DMX stage lighting controller, build your own controller using one of the various consumer-grade microcontrollers (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Etc.) and control your stage lighting system using our world-class control interface system.

Control Your Lighting From The Cloud

When you use the Stage Monster Live stage lighting platform, your user data will always be securely stored on our servers and you'll be able to access your stage lighting controller from any internet-enabled device.

Easy-To-Use API Suite

Using our comprehensive API Suite, you can quickly and easily connect your microcontroller-based DMX controller to the Stage Monster Live control platform, including retrieving control data from our user interfaces, getting user presets and other data, reporting errors, and even programming your own custom control interfaces.

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